The Office of the State Public Defender has 92 authorized positions (82 - Office of the State Public Defender, 10 - Guardian ad Litem). The agency employs 55 attorneys (trial, GAL, and appellate), 25 legal assistants and legal support specialists, 7 administration employees, and 5 investigators. In addition, the agency utilizes 27 independent contractors. 

The total appropriation for the Office of the State Public Defender for the 15-16 biennium is $25,767,550 (2015-2016 Biennium Budget Request). The Public Defender budget is comprised of 85% from state general funds and 15% from county augmenting revenues. The GAL Program is reimbursed by participating counties not less than 25% of agreed program fees, and not less than 25% of administrative costs, prorated by program funds expended in each county and one hundred percent of excess rate fees. 

The Public Defender monitors caseloads that are recorded by an in-house case-weighted database system. The total FY14 caseload was 101% of maximum caseloads, per the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals (1973)(NAC) caseload maximum recommendations.  In FY14, the total Public Defender trial caseload was 13,931 cases, with an additional 107 appeals handled in the Wyoming Supreme Court; the average caseload per full time equivalent (FTE) trial attorney was 282.58 cases and the average appeals assigned per FTE appellate lawyer was 23.77.

In FY2014, the GAL Program provided services to 2,153 children.